British Brewer

Recreating the perfect British Pint

20 October


This blog is dedicated to the art of brewing fine quality ales, particularly those from England, which is where I originally hail from.  I now live on the South Shore of Massachusetts in Marshfield, and have lived in the USA for 15 years. I got married here, have 2 children, and became a US Citizen.

But I miss home, New England provides similar seasons and scenery but nothing comes close to British Ale. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the US ale offering. US Microbreweries are excellent, my favorites include Dogfish Head and Magic Hat #9. But a pint of Brakspears or Wadworth poured flat, full of hoppy warm malty goodness, still brings the longing for the comforts of home.

So I chose to embark on an adventure to recreate the brews of my homeland along with some the US brews I have come to enjoy.  This blog is dedicated to that journey and I trust some of you will get inspired enough to begin to create your own unique brews and share the joys of home made ale, and all the sales tax breaks that come along for the ride.