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03 May

On Tap (May 3rd 2010)

Another week on the road and a weekend full of sunshine, chores and playing with the kids :-). My eldest boy competed in a local Karate Tournament and managed to secure two second place trophies for weapons and forms 🙂

So another weekend of no brewing, but I have a very full cellar right now so no risk of running dry.  The Guinness Export clone from NB arrived so very excited to get going.  Also have the Nut Brown ready to go.  So what else is On Tap?


  • Nothing in the primary, first time I have had nothing in Primary or Secondary (except for the long-term secondaries that is)


  • Lord Fatbottom Ale (1 mth (p), 5 mths (s)) – About to begin the final month of its 6 months rest. Must remember to buy my bottling yeast and dry hop with a week to go.

Bottle/Keg Conditioning

  • Brakespears Bitter clone (1 wk (p) 1 wk (s), 1 day (k) ) – Using the Brakespears yeast currently available from Wyeast.  FG came in on the money as did the colour. Went straight into the keg and the sample was crystal clear and very drinkable. It is a very very good clone of the Henley classic.
  • Left Overs Old Ale (1 wk (p), 3 wks (s), 1 wk (b) ) – So my left over recipe (sort of modeled after a Fullers Vintage) appears to be going fine. I don’t know if I can wait a year to try one of these. Came out of the secondary still with the rich full mouthfeel, strong caramel with a hint of marmalade.  Week 2 of 4 week rest before we sample
  • 115th Dream Imperial IPA ( 2 wks (p) 1 mth 2 wks (s), 1 wk (b) ) – A rather extreme IPA, high in ABV and a whopping 120 IBUs with over a 1 lb of hops using a technique called Hop Bursting I covered a few weeks back. It came out of the primary a whopping 1015 FG, almost 83% attenuation from the mighty American Ale yeast and checking in at over 10% ABV. Week 2 of a 2 month rest. These cases are heading for the cellar when it arrives.


  • Petite Saison d’Ete (1 wk (p) 2 wk (s), 2 wks (b) ) – A Belgium classic Saison from Northern Brewer. The ale came out really clear and tasted great, nice and spicy almost clove flavour from the Saison yeast. Great chilled and a nice early summer brew.
  • Old Speckled Hen clone ( 1 wk (p) 1 wk  (s), 1 mth 1 wk (b) ) – Came out great, see the review here.  I saved 3 bottles of this brew a few weeks back to test what a couple of extra weeks aging would do. I recommend laying this brew down for at least 5-6 weeks before drinking because the bottle I had last night tasted fantastic.
  • Olde Luddite English Strong Ale (1 wk(p) 3 wks (s), 1 mth, 2 wks (b) ) – A new Old Ale kit from Northern Brewer, thought I would add some Old Ale kits to my current Old’s and Browns series. This new ale from NB is a 5 star brew. Easily confused with a smooth session brew but don’t let it, it packs a massive ABV punch. Continues to age well.
  • Theakston Old Peculier Clone (1 wk(p) 3 wks(s) 1 mth 3 wks (b)) – My first pass at this classic old ale, FG finished in range along with the colour, that is all we can ask. Came out a 10/10 (see review) and promoted to the permanent recipes page.
  • Dogfish Head 90 min IPA clone (1 wk (p), 3 wks (s), 5 mths 3 wks (b) ) – Looking forward to cracking the 6 month bottle open