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26 March

Hydes Original Ale

I am having one of those weeks, travel, long work days. Just really crazy.  It has also been the week I have received my largest volume of reader mail.  I do my best to get through them all and try to work on every request so please bear with me if it takes a few days.

I got asked a great question the other day from local MA student who had recently spent time in Manchester Uni, in NE England. He his home now and was really interested in brewing a full-mash version of a local Manachester brew Hydes ESB.  As luck would have it I actually have a copy of a Hydes Original full-mash clone which I passed along.  I checked the clone with the company’s website and confirmed the malt bill and hops used were the same.

Hydes is a Manchester Brewery founded in 1863, one of the few left in the city since Boddingtons was closed by InBev, and its one of the very few family owned independents left.  For those that want to try the brew I have posted it on Hopville.  Be warned it is a full mash version and not my usual extract but I am sure you can figure out how to replace the base 2-row with Light DME.  Full disclosure, I have not tried this brew and cannot attest to its accuracy.  The source of the clone is Graham Wheelers hot of the press new edition of “Brew Your Own British Real Ale”. I had an older revision but the new one has updated processes and recipes and well worth the few bucks to buy. Happy Friday 🙂